Monday, February 4, 2013

T-minus 6 days till race day, and counting: Route change for Halifax Hypo Half

A week ago, I mentioned that I had run into Bruce Bowen at the Running Room, and that he was trying to figure out some last-minute logistics for race day. When I spoke to him last Tuesday after my tempo run, he was still working hard to figure things out. I knew that Bruce would do everything in his power to make sure that the race goes off without a hitch, despite these last-minute challenges.

So, due to some logistical changes (which Bruce has patiently chosen to call "snafu's"), Bruce has now had to find a new start area to ensure that all runners have a place to stay warm before the run. If you're running that day or if you have friends or family who will be showing up to cheer you along, note the route change, below:

2013 Halifax Hypo Half route change >>

We will now be starting at the Buffalo Club, 625 Cow Bay Rd.

Please distribute this information widely!

I have no doubt that whatever the route we'll all have a lovely day together. But I want to send another shout-out to Bruce and the other race organizers for making sure that we have a warm place to start and finish our run.

Just six days till race day, fellow runners! Woohoo!!


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