Monday, June 6, 2011

Time for a little R&R...And some thoughts on the value of active living

I've been quiet for since the Toronto Marathon a few weeks ago, which you can read about here. The following weekend, I raced the Blue Nose 10k, which is always such a fun race. No matter that I'd run a full marathon the weekend before -- I've run in the Blue Nose each year for the past four years, and I'd never miss the People's Marathon. It's such a community event, with thousands of runners of all ages (from babies in push strollers to octogenarians) participating. And while I really enjoyed my Toronto Marathon experience, and the crowds who showed up in the rain to cheer us on were amazing, the feeling at the Blue Nose is one of community and pride, and it's something I haven't experienced anywhere else.

For a taste of what Blue Nose weekend in Halifax is like, check out this great video.You might even spot me and my frizzy head running down the MacDonald Bridge somewhere around 5:29 ;)

Now that the runs are done, I'm hanging up my shoes for awhile. Not because I'm giving up on running. The truth is, I'd known for months that after the Toronto Marathon and Blue Nose, I was headed to hospital for surgery to address ongoing issues. The good news is, the surgery is over and the prognosis is good. But no running or other exercise or other strenuous activities for six weeks -- doctor's orders!

The surgery was last Thursday, and all went well. In fact, only four days later, I'm up and walking around, although a little sore and sluggish. Other than the pain and mild discomfort, the toughest thing to get used to so far has been the lack of mobility and how easily I tire, which I notice all the more so because I was so active beforehand.

One thing this has done is to reinforce just how grateful I am that I was strong and healthy before my surgery, and how important active living is. When your body is healing, you notice how much you rely on your strength and health in order to do even the simplest tasks like sitting up or even rolling over in bed. The other lesson I've learned is how important a goal so you have something to look forward to.

Once the recovery process is over and I've fully healed, my next goal is to train for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon next October. I'll be heading there with some of my running buddies from Halifax, and I'm really looking forward to it!

In the next few weeks, I'll take the time to heal and to let some of my other running friends talk about why they love to run. So stay tuned for more HRG Runner Profiles!

That's it for today, but in the meantime, stay healthy, stay active and keep running!


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