Thursday, June 16, 2011

HRG Runner Profile: Bruce Bowen

When I moved to Halifax to be with my hunny almost three and a half years ago, the first thing I did was sign up for a 10k clinic at the Halifax Running Room. I didn't know a soul in the city, apart from Steve, and I certainly didn't know my way around. I figured the clinic would be a great way to get to know the city, meet people and feel connected to my new home.

That's also when I first met Bruce Bowen - manager of the Halifax  Running Room and our instructor. Little did I know that my long-held curiosity with running (I'd been running laps around my neighbourhood and taken the 5k clinic when I lived in Ontario) would soon become a passion, and that from that 10k I'd gradually progress to longer distances - the half, and eventually full marathon. The Halifax Running Room has become my home base, and I've since spent many hours there, either gathering with other runners for a Sunday morning long run, or attending clinic sessions and learning from other runners and sports professionals.

This year, I took my second marathon clinic at the Halifax Running Room. I figured there was still so much for me to learn, and that I'd benefit from the group atmosphere of the clinic. Our instructor was Bruce, making this the second clinic I'd take with him. I learned a lot from Bruce's experience and enthusiasm for running, and I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know him better in this HRG Runner Profile.

Without further ado, I give you Bruce Bowen, today's HRG Runner Profile. Take it away, Bruce!

HRG: How long have you been running?  

BB: What century is this? About 35 years.

HRG: How and why did you start running?  

BB: One of my friends' father passed away after a stroke. He said "I  have to change my lifestyle or I could be next." In order to hang out with my buddy I had to start running. It was start and stop for the first year or so then pretty much I have not looked back.

HRG: Favourite part of running?  

BB: Getting outside. The feeling of accomplishment. If a run is going poorly, I know that I will feel good when I have finished because I did it.

HRG: Least favourite part of running?  

BB: Believe it or not, trying to find THE RIGHT shoe. In my job you would think it was easy but maybe I am just picky. Also I have a hard to fit foot.

HRG: Favourite time of year/weather to run in? 

BB: As long as it is not too hot , any time. But the most favorite time is September October and early November.

HRG: Favourite route (training or race) to run?  

BB: I would have to say that it is split between Point Pleasant Park and the Dartmouth Waterfront Trail from Woodside to downtown.

HRG: Favourite distance to run? 

BB: 10 to 16k.

HRG: How do you keep motivated? 

BB: Knowing that I am doing my body good.

HRG: Best pre-race meal? 

BB: Spaghetti Bolognese the night before. Toast and tea in the morning.

HRG: Best post-race meal? 

BB: Steak and beer.

HRG: Upcoming race goal?  

BB: Cross Border Challenge 10K – I want to break a 5-year PB for the distance.

HRG: Tips or words of wisdom for new runners?  

BB: Enjoy it. Get that feeling that “this is something I want to do.” Don’t push yourself right out of the gate by setting unrealistic goals and being able to reach them tomorrow..

HRG: Anything else you want to add?  

BB: Regardless if it’s four minutes or ten minutes, a mile is still a mile. One more body being active is one less body the health care system will have to look after at some point.

HRG: Thanks, Bruce!


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  1. Bruce is awesome! Great person to feature! He's had a positive impact on so many of our running careers!