Sunday, October 27, 2013

Winter wonderland: My first winter run in Calgary!

Yesterday, we were mowing the lawn...Today, what was a landscape of yellows, oranges and green is now white. My, how the weather has changed fast!

But since my insightful run from earlier this week, I seem to have found my taste for running again. I've managed a few more good runs, and I feel like I'm on track for a hypo half in February - at least for now. So today although we spent most of the afternoon huddled inside watching movies in bed, I was determined to lace up my sneakers and get out there for my first winter run. Because when you can run on a day like today, with wind driving snowflakes down your throat and icy sidewalks making each step tricky, then any run after that feels easy.

So I pulled out my winter running tights, sweater, hat and gloves, laced up my shoes and headed out for an 8k run. And you know what? I'd actually forgotten how much I like those winter runs, when the world is painted white and you've dressed just warm enough that the snowflakes dusting your cheeks feel oddly refreshing...And at the end of those runs, the feeling of accomplishment is just priceless!

I'm told that as Calgarians, we get the odd chinook that means we'll be running in 20 degree weather in the middle of winter! I'm looking forward to those days, but also to a new season of running in Calgary.

Enjoy that winter wonderland, running friends!


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