Monday, July 29, 2013

All unpacked, and catching up: My last run through Halifax, in pictures

So the last few weeks have been spent unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking...We just moved in to our new house in McKenzie Towne, Alberta, and things have been a little unsettled as we worked on getting settled in. Which means that I haven't been doing much running (maybe a run or two per week, but lots of walking and working out).

Anyways, our stuff arrived a few weeks ago and I finally made it to the box that contained the cables for my camera. So I'm catching up on a few slideshows I should have posted two months ago, including my last run through Halifax.

And now that we're more settled in (more or less), I intend to start running more regularly and exploring our neighbourhood, with a goal of running a half in Calgary sometime this fall. So stay tuned for more!

~ HRG...via Calgary

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  1. So glad you are finally starting to settle in. It must be a bit nerve wracking to not only be in a new city but still have things in boxes. Hopefully running has helped you stay sane.