Friday, June 22, 2012

HRG Runner Profile: Meet Allison!

Allison Keeping (aka @allirond) is another runner who I've never met, but we've encouraged each other along the way on Twitter. She graciously agreed to participate in my HRG Runner Profile series. Perhaps one day I'll actually get to meet all of my Twitter running friends - who's game?

In the meantime, let me introduce you to Allison, today's HRG Runner Profile!

HRG: How long have you been running?

AK: Started running casually late  in the summer of 2008! Its always been a part of my life since both of my parents are long distance runners.

HRG: How and why did you start?

AK: Started casually running in the summer to lose some university weight (30+ pounds) that I had gained in the two years previous. When I got back to university I kept it up, running around 30 minutes 2-3 times a week on the treadmill at the gym. The first time I ran 45 minutes I realized that I was actually starting to like it! So I started "training" for my first half marathon :)

HRG: Favourite part of running?

AK: There are a million things about running that I love: the satisfaction of completing a run, the thrill of feeling strong and fast during a run, the amazing feeling that you get when you finish a long run (the exhuastion combined with the happiness). Being able to set and work towards running goals. The motivation you feel when you sign up for a race. Being able to share it with others.

HRG: Least favourite part of running?

AK: The injuries that come along with it. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to go out for a run and not being able to.

HRG:  Favourite time of year/weather to run in?

AK: September/October. I definitely like running in warmer weather compared to cooler. Anywhere between 10-20 degrees, sunny and not windy! I dont mind running in the winter/cold but the season just lasts so damn long.

HRG: Favourite distance to run?

AK: 16km is my favourite long run distance to run. Long enough to feel satisfied but not too long that you are physicially exhausted and have to stay in bed all day.

HRG: Favourite route (training or race) to run?

AK: Favourite Route: Spring Garden, Commons, Quinpool, Oxford, Almon, Young, Agricola, back Gottigen and around the Citadel and home!

HRG: How do you keep motivated?

AK: What keeps me motivated is my love of running. I've been off serious training for the past 4 months due to injury so I'm grateful for every run Im able to accomplish. I've really developed a new sense of appreciation for it since I've had to stop. What I know for sure: If I'm physically able to run, I run. If I don't run, I'm wasting a gift.

HRG: Best pre-race meal?

AK: Pretty standard: usually toast and peanut butter with a banana and a big glass of water. Sometimes I have coffee but usually I just stick with water.

HRG: Best post-race meal?

AK: Coffee...right away. Then depending on the time of day, I think a nice hearty brunch is the best way to refuel: eggs benedict, homefries, fruit cup, toast and peanut butter....maybe a milkshake gets involved at some point. If it's a bit later: beer and nachos...super healthy food obviously.

HRG: Tips or words of wisdom for new runners?

AK: Take it slow and keep with it. Its not going to feel great your first few times out there but it is worth it for that first really good run. And sign up for a race for instant motivation! Its the best way to stay committed to something (especially if you have to pay to sign up!).

HRG: Thanks, Allison!

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  1. Great post, it's neat reading about other runners in the area :)