Saturday, April 16, 2011

My favourite pre-run/race supper: Gordon Ramsay's Pancetta Spaghetti, served with a side pep talk by hubby

It must be annoying at times for the partner of a runner to keep the enthusiasm up when night after night they have to hear about yet another run's high's and lows. After awhile, all we runners seem to speak about is running, running, and more running. Especially when we're training for a race. And if you're not a runner, it may be hard to understand our one-track minds and how much running seems to take over our lives. How many times can you say "Wow, that's great that you had a good run tonight," with the same amount of enthusiasm as the last 50 runs?

But this week, with four weeks left to go till race day, I asked my husband to step in again to be my running coach. When he's in coach mode, he's always so terriffic at encouraging me before and after a run, cooking me healthy meals, pushing me out the door when I don't want to go, running me a warm bath on cold winter nights...He also does things like research recipes for certain training periods.

And that's how he discovered my favourite pre-run/race dinner: Gordon Ramsay's Pancetta Spaghetti. It's clean, light and yummy, too! (Of course it helps that it was dreamt up by a marathon-running super chef with an attitude.)

So tonight, knowing that I have a 29k run in the morning,  hubby cooked up a plate of Pancetta Spaghetti for me, served with a side pep talk. "Don't worry about time tomorrow," he said as I savoured a flavourful mouthful of Proscioutto (he subbed it in for the Pancetta, and it's just as yummy). "Just do the run, and call me when you're done so I can run you a bath. And make sure to eat oatmeal and some fruit for breakfast."

God I love my husband!

So tomorrow as we're running in the rain (100% P.O.P., according to The Weather Network), I'll hear his voice in my head, offering one last bit of advice as I bit into my last mouthful: "Just get 'er done."

How lucky am I?


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